Star Trek and AOC

Two days ago I wrote a blog about how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bears a large part of the responsibility for the current war (mostly on the internet) between her and the left, and if she wants to defuse that, she’d better offer at least an explanation for her actions and give us some proof that she’s still on our side.
I can never tell which of my blogs will get a lot of comments, but this was one. I got some support, and some attacks, which were mostly of the “we shouldn’t be fighting” variety. I admit, it would be nicer if we weren’t, but ‘say no ill of a fellow leftist’ sounds a whole lot like Reagan thinking. Admittedly, that’s been very effective for his party, and they have accumulated an enormous amount of power, but they have also turned into a useless blob which is directed by the most severely mentally disabled among them. Also, there’s some question about who they mean when they say ‘we.’
But the type of comment I want to address in today’s blog are the ones who say ‘you have no authority to speak on this subject.’ I got ‘you have no authority to speak on this subject because you voted for Trump’ (I didn’t. I voted Green and have always been very public about that), ‘you have no authority because you’re not a voter in her district,’ and, my favorite, ‘you have no authority because of what you said about Star Trek.’ What I said about Star Trek was that Kirk was the worst captain, and the original series was the worst of all the series, which I stand by. Janeway defeated the Borg, Cisco ran an entire space station instead of a mere starship, defeated the Cardassians, and was revered as a deity by the Bajorans, Picard was the epitome of cool in all situations, and Archer, well, there never would have been a Federation of Planets if not for Captain Archer. Kirk just got into fistfights and had brief affairs with women across the galaxy.
I suspect that comment was at least partly tongue in cheek. You never know, though. Star Trek people take Star Trek very seriously.

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