Answers to Important Questions

The answers are yes, the egg, zero, and of course, but only pre-supposing the existence of such a being, which is also kind of the answer to the third question. Allow me to elaborate, and then we will discuss the grandfather paradox.
Yes, if a tree falls in the forest, it makes a sound. Human beings are not a necessary part of existence. Things would still have properties, like appearance, odor, texture and, of course sound, even if we had never existed. To assume the need of a listener for sound to exist is like saying the universe is all inside our minds. That may be how we perceive it, but that’s just many way. Existence does, objectively, exist.
Of course eggs evolved before chickens. Bloody dinosaurs laid eggs. And if anybody tells you “Yeah, but the question is which came first, the chicken egg or the chicken, tell them that they should have phrased the question better, but the answer is still egg. Eggs symbolize beginnings. Chickens symbolize a picnic.
And the reason zero angels can dance on the head of a pin is because there’s no such thing as angels. This is where religion starts to cross the line into fairy tales. Not that I have anything against fairy tales.
And, of course, if there were a God, he or she could create a stone so heavy that he or she couldn’t lift it. Consider the human species. We have built giant skyscrapers, which we cannot lift. We have created the Hoover Dam. We have created a network of intelligent machines that we are not capable of understanding at all. And consider parenthood. We have the capacity to create tiny individuals who grow into human beings, any one of which has the power to exceed us.
Anyway, as to the Grandfather Paradox, which states that if you have a time machine, and you go back in time and kill your own grandfather, then you will never be born and you will never travel back in time to kill your grandfather so your grandfather will live and you will be born and grow up to go back in time to kill your grandfather and so on, but, just as the previous examples with angels dancing on the heads of pins and God showing off his weight lifting prowess, the question forces you to accept an assumption, in this case that time travel is possible. And it’s very likely it just isn’t.

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