Daunte Wright

There is so much that is wrong and weird about this case. That might be partly because it’s fresh news and we haven’t got the whole story yet (and why haven’t we, that’s question number one), but there is definitely some stuff that doesn’t add up.
Like, what kind of a fucked up law is it that says you can’t have an air freshener hanging from your rear view mirror? They come with a little string thingie, so they are clearly meant to be hung, and that is the one place in a car you can hang something from. Doesn’t everybody have an air freshener hanging from their rear view mirror? Is everybody in Minnesota driving around with stinky cars?
And that bullshit about thinking she’d pulled out her taser instead of a gun. That should be Police Academy day one. This is a gun. This is a taser. Can you see how they’re different? I haven’t even been to police academy, and I think if you showed me both of them, I’d know which one was the gun. Certainly if I had it in my hand, with my finger on the trigger, pointed at somebody’s head, I’d be aware that it was not a taser.
And the officer’s name, why hasn’t that been released. She’s over 18. She’s been charged with a crime. Oh, wait. She’s going to be charged with a crime. Isn’t she? ISN’T SHE?! So, release the damned name. Daunte Wright’s family wasn’t spared the pain. Why should hers be.
And lastly, she shot him because ‘he was trying to get back into the car.’ Which means his back was turned, and he was no threat to her at all. Did she think he was trying to get back in to drive away? So what. All she had was expired tags. You’ve already got the license number. You can send a notice to the house.
After she shot him, the car kept rolling until it crashed into another vehicle. It seems to me maybe he was trying to get back in the car to set the parking brake.

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