More on Daunte Wright

Officer Kim Potter has been charged with manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright, because she claims that she thought she was holding a taser when she fired a bullet point blank into his head. That’s bullshit.
First, the position on the belt. To draw the wrong one, you would pretty much have to be confusing your left hand with your right. People are different, she may be somewhat ambidextrous, but very few people are ambidextrous to the degree that they don’t differentiate between their two hands at all. Then, the appearance. They aren’t even the same damned color, not even close. Even a dog can differentiate between bright yellow and dull gray. To believe officer Potter’s story, you have to assume that at no time during the encounter did she actually see the weapon she was holding in her hand, right in front of her eyes.Third, the weight. I believe the prosecuting attorney, as evidence, should bring in two small weights. One weighing 8 ounces (a tad over 200 grams) and the other weighing 2 pounds (nearly a kilo). Ask each of the jurors to close their eyes, one by one. Place the objects in either hand and ask them which is heavier. Out of twelve jurors, I would be surprised if you got less than 12 correct answers. Sure, both are significantly lighter than lifting a refrigerator, but one is four times heavier than the other. To not feel the difference would imply neurological damage.So, let’s say she gets through all that – confuses left with right, fails to notice that the object she’s holding is not bright yellow, fails to notice that it’s four times the weight of the object she thought she was holding, and fires. Why was the safety of her gun released? Does that not require some human agency? A flick of the thumb? Well, some people will say, heat of the moment, mass confusion, everything’s a blur, trained to react instantly, adrenaline pumping, etc… But why was the moment heated, why would her adrenaline have been pumping? It was a routine traffic stop, broad daylight, and the police on the scene outnumbered the people in the car.Sure, she shouted “Taser! Taser! Taser!” and the police and the defenders of the police are using that as evidence that she actually thought she was holding a taser.It could also be, and in my opinion was, a flat out lie. She knew she was holding a gun, she had every intention of killing Daunte Wright, and she was just shouting “Taser! Taser! Taser!” to base her defense in court around it. She had seen, over the past few years, many, many police officers murder black people and get away with it. She envied them and wanted to join the fraternity. She wanted her trophy kill, her scalp, her badge of racist honor. She should be charged with premeditated murder and sent to jail for the rest of her misbegotten life. Not manslaughter.

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  1. Anonymous

    You’ve made a lot of assumptions here. Would you like it if someone made similar assumptions about YOUR guilt based on THEIR biases in a comparable situation? Why in such a hurry to assign guilt rather than waiting for more facts to come out – when you know more facts will be forthcoming?

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