This is good, yes. This is a huge relief. Derek Chauvin has been found guilty. There was never any doubt about his actual guilt. That was proven more than guilt has ever been proven in any murder, ever, in the history of mankind. You didn’t even need all the witnesses who said they saw him kill George Floyd, everybody in the connected world saw Derek Chauvin kill George Floyd. So, I’m glad with the verdict, but it’s a sad reflection on our society that it was ever in doubt.
Also, there are things I do not understand about our justice system. Like, why isn’t life mandated for murder? There are people in jail for life for drug charges and shit. Sure, if he’s sentenced to the 75 years that’s possible, and he isn’t allowed out early for good behavior, and doesn’t live past 110 or so, he will die in jail. But that’s really the bare minimum, morally, for someone who has deliberately taken somebody else’s life. We’ll see if it happens.
Also, I don’t really understand how the 3 separate charges makes sense. Why not just go with the most severe charge, which was 2nd degree murder, I think, and sentence him to 75 years for that? But, that’s a technicality, really. I’m not bothered. The more guilty they found him, the happier I am.
The thing that’s really bugging me now is the 8 weeks before sentencing. What, the judge hasn’t already had enough time to think about this? Has he seen the tape? It strikes me that 8 weeks is a long time, I’m not sure if they do that in other murder cases, I always thought the sentence was announced directly after the verdict, the way it is in all the TV shows.
Since, it’s such a long time, the sentence will be decided on after everybody’s stopped protesting and gone back indoors, so to speak. Or everybody will be focused on the Kim Potter trial (let’s hope there is one) or whatever the cause of the day is in two weeks. The judge will be able to give him a slap on the wrist while he thinks everybody isn’t watching. I’m still worried about that.

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