Menthol Madness

He could have dedicated his administration to saving the environment, but so far he seems to like oil and fracking just fine. He could have dedicated his administration to world peace, but he hasn’t ended any wars, and is threatening to start a couple of new ones. He could have dedicated his administration to getting big money out of politics but that is an unlikely thing to expect from somebody who owes his political existence to that big money. He could have dedicated his administration to improving police/community relationships, ending school shootings by passing reasonable gun regulation, getting universal health care, fixing up the infrastructure, or legalizing marijuana, and any one of those things would have done a large number of people a great deal of good.
So, what does he want to do? Ban menthol cigarettes.
I did not believe this at first. I’m on several Bernie sites, so I’m in a bit of an information bubble of my own making, I admit. But, my credulity has its limits. “Menthol cigarettes?,” I thought. Even Joe Biden would not be so tone deaf, so incredibly petty. Yet, it’s true. It’s there in many mainstream media publications.
What’s next? Hawaiian Pizza? Pumpkin Spice Lattes? All you can eat buffets? Cilantro? Even Trump didn’t get so petty.
I’m pretty sure future historians will view Biden’s presidency as less that a stellar moment in American history, but with this move he risks dropping well below that. Menthol cigarettes. Harumph.


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2 responses to “Menthol Madness

  1. Beverly Dahlen

    “Don’t be so petty.” Biden has done lots of good stuff as well as the ban on menthol cigs. I just got a notice today that he made me $1400 richer. I am going to buy a house. Well, no I am going to help my partner pay for the registration on her car. Give him a chance.

  2. Anonymous

    Have you not see the $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan? Or the climate ambitions? How about methane rule rollback? Or the phasedown on HFCs? Or how about family leave plan? Or the vaccine distribution and information campaign? It’s not perfect but it’s not all menthol cigarettes either.

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