New Look

I had kind of a lazy Sunday but my IT department, which is my wife, the lovely and talented Helena, was busy revamping this page. Before, it was divided just into Home and Poetry, and now we’ve got a few more selections. Don’t pay too much attention to them, mostly it was just to get a bit of clutter out of the way.
Now it’s Home, where we are now, where I write the blog of the day, Main Collection of Books, Tarot Poems, and Rheets. Four buttons. More selections!
The Main Collection contains all of the poetry books I am seriously promoting, plus The Shit Guru, my one attempt at a novel. There are 16 poetry books and I’m proud of every one. They contain poems that will entertain, that will make you think, that will expand your mind and your view of the world. That’s not an exaggeration. They did for me. I’ll be tinkering around with some lines, trying to condense into words something I’ve been thinking about, and running all the possible rhymes through my head and BLAMMO! something hits that makes perfect sense and puts a spin on it, whatever it is, that particular moment of time, space and perception, that I’d never thought of before.
There are 16 of these books of poems, and if you click on Main Collection you can read them for free. You can also buy them, which would thrill me to death, and they make lovely gifts. But, you can read them for free. Like browsing in a book store, but nobody bugs you about loitering.
Then there are the Tarot Poems. One for each card. But this page is just a preview. I can sell you a copy if you live in Prague or you can get them at the artist’s (Marie Brožová’s) gallery.
Then there are the Rheets books. I took them off the main page because they are more just a writing exercise for me and I can’t say they contain great poetry. They are the short rhymes that I write every day just to introduce this blog on Twitter and Facebook. They are also sort of a time capsule. If you want to read them, there they are.

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