Did Yang Just Screw the Pooch?

Well, it does seem from what I’m reading on Facebook that Andrew Yang has just stepped in a huge pile of dog poop. IMHO, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.
On the other hand, my Facebook skews left, and I am often stunned by what shit people can say and get away with it.
His statement, that we should all support Israel as it valiantly defends itself against the raging Palestinians, or something like that, might have raised nary an eyebrow in years past, and would have garnered him some votes in the Jewish community, but coming hard on the heels of a bombing that killed 20 people in Gaza, the storming of the mosque in Jerusalem, and the evictions in Jerusalem, was a bit off. It still might play well for him, we’ll wait a few days and see.
To me, it just reinforces my opinion of Yang, which is that he doesn’t have the political knowledge, much less the experience, to be an effective mayor of New York City. Like Caitlin Jenner, he has never held an elective office before. His UBI plan, while appealing on an abstract level, was poorly thought out and basically just a cover for cutting everything else. And, with this Israel thing, it seems like he just didn’t put any thought into it – and so it came across sounding somewhat bloodthirsty, in the moment.
But, whether people turn on Yang because he’s supporting an apartheid regime, or just because he’s a yutz, I don’t care. I would be very happy to witness his political downfall.

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