Just re-watched Matrix. I saw it when it first came out, ’96 I believe it was, and enjoyed it, but was somewhat surprised to keep hearing people rave about it, and then it began to get referenced all the time. Red pill or blue pill became as much of a catch phrase as “Soylent Green is people!”
I liked it O.K., it’s sci-fi, Laurence Fishburne is awesome, but I thought it was deliberately confusing in parts (but this is years before Inception, and we really learned what confusion was about) and, once he’d ‘started to believe’ he just became Superman basically. Once bullets cannot harm you and you can fly and you can go into somebody else’s body and make them explode, the edge is sort of off.
Anyway, running out of things to watch on Netflix so gave it another look. It was, again, good enough to watch all the way through but I have exactly the same reservations now as back then.

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