Word Shift

Anti-Semitic is a word that’s being bandied about lately, and according to many of the people I correspond with on Facebook, what I am, so I’d like to take this blog to discuss the word.
Oh, I’m not making the etymological argument, that semitic includes both Jews and Arabs, as in “Hebrew and Arabic are semitic languages” or “Hummus is a popular ingredient in semitic cuisines.” We all know that anti-semitic started meaning anti-Jewish decades ago, like at least 5 or 6 decades ago. If somebody wants to say they hate Arabs, they say anti-Arabic. People who hate both Jews and Arabs, while they probably exist, are too few to be deserving of their own word.
Did you know that ‘tell’ used to mean count, and ‘awesome’ used to mean terrifying? Well, you don’t actually have to, because they don’t mean that any more.
But to apply the word ‘anti-semitic’ to anybody who disagrees with Israel, or even more specifically, with Benjamin Netanyahu, is wrong. Completely, 100% incorrect.
There are a lot of Jews around the world, some even inside Israel, who feel quite strongly that what just happened is wrong. We are part of the ‘semitic’ part of the word ‘anti-semitic.’ Words can be flexible, but not that flexible.

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