Any product goes through development stages. Before we had huge, flat screens and Netflix we had 3 channels, in black and white, and you had to actually touch the TV set to change from one channel to another. Before we had cell phones, which are also cameras, computers, clocks, encyclopedias, and gaming platforms, we had a black telephone on the counter in the kitchen, which was only good for making or receiving phone calls when you were actually present.
It’s natural. It’s the way it has always been. The first wheel was probably just a log, and so was the first boat.
So, it’s no surprise that it’s taking a while to get to artificial intelligence, and it will probably take quite a while longer. But, we have reached a very important first level. We have invented artificial stupidity. That is, we have a network connecting all the minds of the human race, but only at the stupidest level. Pictures of pets dominate, and games which require zero intelligence to play are extremely popular. What is your first initial, plus what month you were born forms your stripper/gangster/rapper name. Hoo-boy, what fun. The lowest common denominator is, in fact, knowing your birthday and how to spell your first name.
Some use the internet for debating political or cultural issues, and I’d like to see more of that, but even there we drop down to LCD pretty sharpish. Any legitimate criticisms of Biden are labeled as support of Trump, any legitimate criticisms of Israel are seen as anti-semitism, and any pro-Israel statements are treated as the second coming of Hitler. They come at you like zombies, huge in numbers, relentless in their approach, and absolutely devoid of intelligence.
I try to be optimistic. I tell myself that it’s just a phase and we will eventually burst through this to invent an intelligence that is more intelligent than us and which will tell us how to solve all of our problems without killing anybody, but some days I’m not so sure.

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