Keeping Cool

Human beings, being mammals, are warm blooded, which just means we have the same constant temperature, unlike lobsters, alligators, and such like, who are not bothered by extremes in the natural environment. A hot day like today doesn’t affect them a bit.
All of human history is an attempt to keep warm on cold days (fire, furs, and hot drinks) and to keep cool on hot ones. So, today my daughter suggested a trip to a cave, and never having been there before, and not having any good excuse not to spend time with my family, and also thinking it would be very cool, said sure.
And it was. A pleasant drive up with the AC on, a walk through a shady wood, and then the cave. The cave did have an underwater lake, some cool lighting, and some stalactites and stalagmites but a lot of the presentation was just the guide pointing her flashlight at some rock formations and saying, look, it looks like an eagle, or a German WWI helmet, or the Devil. Above all, though, it was cool, it was cool on a hot day, and that was the point.
Then we had some ice cream, and then we went to the cottage. They have an above ground pool but, the water supply being low, it was nowhere near full. Just a couple inches. We got in anyway and it was nice and cold.
Later on, after we’d dined on some grilled pork chops and sausages, I went to feed the scraps to the chickens, I got attacked by the rooster. Little bastard flew straight at me. I smacked him. He flew at me again, and I kicked him like a football. He backed off a bit and I backed away slowly. Everybody had a great laugh at the story, and apparently, I’m not the first person he has assaulted.
Over all, it was a pretty cool day.

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  1. Beverly Dahlen

    My grandmother had a rooster like that. I was just a child at the time & the rooster would go at me beak & claw. I was scared even to go into the garden. That rooster got fried later & I think I was glad to eat it.

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