A little bit about a lot of things tonight. Just got back from Sam’s graduation from Gymnasium ceremony, which was held outdoors in Grebovka, possibly my favorite park in Prague, and it was lovely but kind of dull, and my suit is too tight because I’m too fat, so dull and uncomfortable, but on the other hand there was pride. I’m very pleased he graduated, he has not always been an exemplary student. Also on the good side, I finally got to meet his girlfriend. Cute girl, pleasant girl. He’s done well.

Rudy Giuliani just had his legal license suspended in New York. I would think that was hysterical except that I thought it had happened months ago, and I kind of wonder what the hold up was.

This thing with the unmarked graves at the residential Indian schools in Canada is getting insane. One more school just discovered with over 700 dead bodies of Indian children. First, Canada should search at every single one of those schools. Second, the U.S. should do the same because we had schools like that, too.

Watched a movie earlier today, just scrolling through to see what Netflix had that I hadn’t seen yet, and came across “Welcome to Marwen,” which I assumed was going to be a comedy because it had Steve Carrell in it, and the first 10 minutes or so, the set-up, makes it seem like a comedy, but it is not a comedy. It is also not a romance. It is a deep, and sensitive, and somewhat tragic film with an uplifting ending, that I absolutely recommend to everybody

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