Sure, I think D.C. statehood is a good idea. It would be cool, it would be a shake-up, they’d have to replace all the flags and figure out where to put that extra star, and that would mean more jobs for flagmakers. Of course, the people there deserve representation as well, that’s true, too.
Same with Puerto Rico. They deserve it, they should have it.
If these are just Democratic tactics to get more Democratic Senators, well, then, they’d finally be growing a backbone and playing a little bit dirty (creative. let’s say creative) and that’s the kind of party we’ve wanted them to be for a long time.
If only they could be that creative in actually fighting for health care, or an increase to the minimum wage, or ending private prisons, or legalizing marijuana, or saving the fucking planet.
Stacking the Supreme Court, ditto. Sure, raise the number to 11, or 23, or whatever. (has to be an odd number, to avoid ties). To be clear, though, everybody will no why you’re doing it, and it’s a sword that cuts both ways. Democrats raise the number to 23, next time Republicans are in they raise it to 35.
We admit D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, they split the Dakotas again and we’ve got N.E. Dakota, N.W Dakota, S.E. Dakota, S.W. Dakota, and it’s still a tie with the Senators.
I actually don’t expect any serious action on any of these ideas. It’s just a lot of noise, distracting us from the issues of health care, raising the minimum wage, and saving the planet.

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