Two Topics

There are two topics I would like to address tonight. First, football. I know, of course, that not all football fans are racist, and that not all racists are football fans, but there’s enough of a Venn overlap that they form a significant sub-demographic, and it’s a problem.
England was disgraced, not by their team, which played great and got to the final, which was a tightly contested game that they lost on a shootout, which is always more or less a 50/50 proposition. The team’s got nothing to be embarrassed about. Neither, I’m sure, do the majority of England fans. But those who reacted to the results with racial insults, what the fuck is wrong with you? If it were not for the same players you vilified, you probably wouldn’t have been in the finals at all. You made yourselves look bad, you made your country look bad. Go, hang your heads in shame.
Secondly, I am surprised to say, I have a good thing to say about Facebook. As some of you may know, I was banned from commenting on Facebook for 3 days for ‘violating community standards’. I blogged about it, so you can scroll down and read all about it if you’re interested.
But, I only served a bit over 2 !/2 days, and I was informed that the ban was lifted in a nice little note -I’m paraphrasing, but – ‘We’ve reviewed your comment and determined that it doesn’t violate community standards and you can go ahead and comment again and the original comment has been re-instated.”
I was very surprised. I wanted to answer back with a nice, little thank you not but, of course, there was no way to do that. So, I’m doing it here.

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