Well, we are back in Prague, after a lovely and eventful vacation. On the way home, we made one stop, someplace I’ve never been, some place I never wanted to go, but it was on our way and Helena decided, so we went. We went to Auschwitz. It was larger than I thought it would be, probably a couple of kilometers across and a kilometer front to back.
I was glad to see they didn’t charge to go in. In a perfect world, even one a little better than this one, that wouldn’t even need to be said, but in the world we’re living in, wherever there is the lure of tourist money, it proves irresistible. So, I was relieved and impressed that it is treated like a proper memorial site. Sort of like walking through a cemetery.
I’d avoided ever visiting a concentration camp because it seems a bit morbid to me. I know it happened, and it was horrible, but I even reached my fill of films about the holocaust several years ago. I have never seen Schindler’s List, or Sophie’s Choice, and never want to.
But, going there was like a pilgrimage, an homage to the dead, a small bit of penance from the living, the fortunate, someone who is alive to enjoy the future that was stolen from the million and a half people who were murdered there.
We owe them that, to always remember.
So, I’m glad we went.

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