At the Amfiteatr

Just came from a truly beautiful poetry reading, partly because some of the pieces were truly brilliant and inspiring, such as “The Titles I Haven’t Got Poems For Yet” which included such gems as “Martin Has Trouble With Trams” and “Things Everybody Says, But Aren’t So,” and the new girl who read a poem that started out “When you eat a raw oyster, you are eating it alive” and proceeded to recount the life cycle of the oyster in a manner both scientific and poetic, and wove the whole thing in with passages from The Walrus and the Carpenter, which is sheer genius even recycled, and then capped it all off with the sensations of the oyster which has been swallowed.
Also, partly, it was the atmosphere. As it’s getting darker earlier, pretty much everybody was reading by the light of their phones, which set up a sort of an eerie effect, and the poet who read a poem about Lex Luthor and other bald headed men used that to great effect.
Also, partly, it was getting together with people who I haven’t seen for at least a month and in some cases much more.
As I left, when I got to the steps that lead to the alley next to the church that leads to the street and back to the real world, I turned, and from there the view is spectacular. You see all the way across Nusle Valley and on the opposite ridge is the Cathedral of Vyšehrad, it’s twin spires lighting up the night sky.

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