Back in Prague

We are home again after an absolutely brilliant two day trip to Berlin. The last thing we did was take a boat tour on the river Spree (I think Spreefahrt is an absolutely hysterical word – the joys of the German language, where even perfectly normal things sound vulgar) and it was a great way to see the city and hear a bit about history.
Anyway, there’s something else I want to write about. I’m still banned from commenting, there’s another two days to go on that, but in my interim blog this morning, I said that it was my comment on religion “There is no God. Never was.” that got me banned, but I was mistaken/
The offending comment was in a discussion about Bernie Sanders. The original post said (I’m paraphrasing from this point on) “I love Bernie Sanders, but I wish he hadn’t used the word socialist so much” and most people were agreeing with her but, having to take the minority position, as usual, I said “Bernie was being honest, which is what I love about him. Don’t blame Bernie if the American people are too stupid to know what the word means.”
I guess that’s hate speech, according to some algorithm. I wonder which particular combination of words triggered them. If they’re objecting to the word ‘stupid’ they’d have to ban half the people commenting on Facebook. Well, maybe not half, but a hell of a lot of people. Or was it specifically that I said American people? Would they have reacted the same if I had said “Russians are stupid” or “Arabs are stupid.”
Anyway, I didn’t say ALL Americans. If the shoe fits, you know.
Anyway, I didn’t see how to respond, and lodge an objection, so my wife found that page and after I’d typed out my reasons why I shouldn’t be banned (which was not completely dissimilar to this blog), I hit send and….I got the box that said “You have been blocked from commenting…”

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