Two Events

We got to the Daniela Šafránková’s vernissage right on time, which is a very un-Prague thing to do, for most scheduled events it is standard to arrive about a half hour late and you’re still the first one there. Well, any worries along those lines were dispelled the second we walked in the door. It wasn’t a big bar, but it wasn’t a small one, either, and the place was packed. It was immediately evident that there was no chance of getting a seat. We ordered a couple of tonics, and stood in as advantageous position as possible, not blocking any passageways at least, except for the bartenders access. They were very cool about it, happy to be hosting such a sizeable crowd, but I did get asked to move a lot. Anyway, I suggested we sneak out during the saxophone player’s set, but Helena said no, she was quite enjoying herself, so that was cool, I just had to deal. Happy wife, happy life. Also, it was great to see such a great turnout for Daniela, so it was a success.
Then, after a bit of a walk, a short bus ride, and another bit of a walk, we got to our poet’s meeting, which turned out to be sort of a very informal poetry reading where, despite arriving after the scheduled start time, we were, indeed, close to the first ones there. After a bit, folks started to arrive, and it wound up being a very pleasant, informal poetry reading, with about 10 people, in a room of comfy couches.
I truly appreciate Helena coming out with me tonight. Poetry is not her scene, but she put up with it like a trooper.

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