Life Isn’t Fair

There is a phrase, which is often used to end an argument, but it is inevitably a bitter and unsatisfying end. “Life isn’t fair.”
Well, of course it isn’t. Life is nothing more than energized matter, which has evolved from single celled organisms to the plethora of living beings who inhabit the world today, including us. Along the way, billions of organisms have lived miserable, terrified lives before eventually succumbing to death, and it’s been incredibly unfair. If you are born as a rabbit, you are pre-selected to be food for a fox, and that is very unfair.
But, the universe today is not the universe that existed 100,000 years ago, at the dawn of mankind. Our existence, our self-awareness, our intelligence, has introduced a new element in the scheme of things. The sun and the moon do not care about fairness. The trees do not care about fairness, even though they are rooted to one place and never allowed to move, until they are cut down with a chainsaw and hacked into little bits, so we can eat food off of them.
But, human beings have, nonetheless, developed the concept of fairness. We expect it in sports, and we love our sports. We expect it in business, and in our legal system, although it often eludes us. Life may not be fair, but we feel, in the very core of our being, that it should be.
So, don’t tell me life is unfair. That’s what we’re trying to change. All our lives will be better the more our civilization embraces fairness. We’ve still got a long way to go, but it is a worthy quest.

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