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It’s late and I haven’t written a blog for a couple of days, so here is a throwaway blog about nothing important or relevant – I considered writing about Alec Baldwin but I don’t have anything to add to that conversation, except I’m surprised they use real guns at all as props. They are dangerous in the home, they are dangerous on a movie set. Everybody knows the blood in movies is fake blood, when you watch a movie about outer space, you know they aren’t actually filming it in space, so why use real guns? Couldn’t they just use a realistic looking plastic toy and dub in the gunshot sound? Anyway, horrible fuck up and I’d hate to be Alec Baldwin right now. But that’s all I have to say on the matter.
So, instead I’ll write about what I’ve been watching on Netflix lately, a couple of positive and a couple of negative reviews. Sometimes I like to watch shows that I missed but were popular with lots of people, so I’ll get the memes and cultural references and all that come up in conversations. So, I watched a few episodes of Orphan Black. The first couple of episodes I was riveted. But, despite the premise being interesting, basically it’s just a cop show, a murder investigation with a twist, bloody as hell, and I’m not into that. I lasted till about episode 4, and it’s five seasons long. So, screw that. Then, I decided to watch The Office, which I’d never seen. I found it cringeworthy from the start, and I’m sad to say that, because Steve Carell has definitely done funny stuff in the past. And, millions of other people liked it. Oh, well. I gave it two episodes, and I’m not going to give it any more.
With my wife, the only program we are intersecting on at the moment is a Danish series called Rita. The title character is a single mother of 3 children and an elementary school teacher. She is a devoted mother and a good teacher, quite popular with the students. She also smokes, drinks, swears a lot and occasionally drags strange men into the bathrooms of bars for random sex. I’m really enjoying it, especially the teaching scenes, because I can identify with that and think it’s a very realistic portrayal of school culture. I recommend this one.
My biggest binge of the moment, though, is Bill Nye Saves the World. Of course, it’s mostly Bill Nye explaining science stuff, with lots of bad jokes, but of the guest scientists he brings on it seems to me that a high percentage are really hot women. They are hot women with PhDs, he’s playing fair, but it does make the show more interesting. Also, there’s a segment called ‘Mad Scientists’ which is funny and interesting – featuring scientists from history who’ve gotten screwed out of the credit for their discoveries or have some other reason for being bitter with all of humanity. If you are interested in science at all, this show is an absolute gem.

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