Let’s Go Brandon

(this happened about a month ago, but I’m just hearing about it now, so I’m writing about it now)

I hate being put in the position of defending Joe Biden who, in my opinion, is a plagiarizing, bribe accepting, creepy old shitweasel who is nothing more than a front man for the real power brokers, the billionaires and corporate executives who are destroying the ecosphere and condemning humanity to extinction.
But, I also hate being associated with the MAGA crowd, who are racist morons who love guns and hate Greta Thunberg, and anybody else who is smarter than they are.
So, mixed feelings on this story, but it is funny. A reporter at a NASCAR event recently was interviewing the winner, a man named Brandon Brown, who is in all probability a nice and decent person who doesn’t deserve to be dragged into this, and she said to him “Just listen to that crowd chanting, they’re saying ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’!, which was extremely reminiscent of the Simpson’s episode where Smithers said to Mr. Burns “They’re not saying Boo!, they’re saying “Boo-urns! Boo-urns!”, because the crowd was very clearly and very unmistakably chanting “Fuck Joe Biden!
Why they are chanting Fuck Joe Biden at a sporting event, I’m not sure. I doubt it’s because the free community college and allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices provisions have been taken out of the so-called Build Back Better act. I’m sure it’s not because Biden is setting up too many solar panels and wind turbines, and its definitely not because he’s been putting pressure on the evil coal companies, because he hasn’t. In fact, if they loved Trump, they should be loving Joe Biden because, as he promised, nothing has fundamentally changed.
Anyhow, since this happened “Let’s Go Brandon” has become right wing code for Fuck Joe Biden across the internet and recently, a member of congress, South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan, wore a mask with that slogan in congress.
The reporter, however well intentioned, screwed up. You try to bottle this kind of thing up, you lie about it, and look what happens.

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