Happy War on Thanksgiving Day!

The War on Christmas is once again prefaced by the battle over Thanksgiving. Today, I am seeing many posts about how Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide and some of them suggesting that we mark it with fasting instead of feasting, in solidarity with our native American brethren, but that is not going to happen.
Thanksgiving is about tryptophan saturated turkey with delicious stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce (never my favorite, but it is an integral part of the meal and adds a bit of color, a green bean casserole, corn on the cob, and pumpkin pie or maybe a gooey chococlate cake for dessert, before everybody retires to the living room to doze off in front of the television.
Rather in the same way that Christmas, in my humble atheistic opinion, is all about Santa Claus and presents, and a tree covered with tinsel, and snowy, nostalgic scenes. If you want it to be about Jesus, go ahead and go to your midnight mass and put up a nativity scene on your lawn, absolutely nobody is trying to stop you and nobody ever was. The whole war on Christmas thing was made up by Bill O’Reilly, who nobody takes seriously any more (I haven’t even heard about him for years), and nobody ever should have.
Living here in Prague, I’d totally forgotten it was Thanksgiving, but I took my wife out to a nice lunch anyway, sans kids, just because we hadn’t done that for a while. I had fried cheese and french fries, a Czech classic, and she had pork, cabbage and dumplings. So, I consider the holiday celebrated, and I’m feeling very full and thankful.

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  1. Beverly Dahlen

    Thanksgiving is so covered in mythology it’s hard to get to the bottom of this charade. Yes, it probably marks the time when the beginning of the end was happening to the indigenous people of this continent. I had clam chowder for dinner (very New England) & pumpkin pudding for dessert. I don’t even like turkey. Thanks for giving your comments.

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