Free Julian Assange

The news of Julian Assange’s impending extradition has me extremely depressed. Not that it was unexpected. The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was also expected, yet it let a mass murderer back out on the streets, and it’s not surprising the the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is proceeding with almost no publicity, and I fully expect it to end without additional charges being brought against her clients: Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew, among many others.
There is just no damn justice in the world. Nothing Julian Assange has ever published has been shown to be untrue, and if it damages U.S. security for the world to know that our drone strikes do, indeed, target journalists, then U.S. security deserves to be damaged. The assassination of journalists does not serve the American people. But, it does keep the truth from getting out. That’s what “U.S. security” is all about.
Every day that Assange spends in prison reinforces the fact that the world we are living in is based on lies. The U.S. military continues to rain hell down on innocent civilians, U.S. oil companies continue to rape the planet, and the truth be damned.

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