Tornado Warning

I was out on our balcony an hour or so ago, and some parts of the windows were foggy and some were clear and when I looked through the clear parts, the street lights looked like normal street lights but when I looked through the foggy parts each one had a circular rainbow around it, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, hanging in mid air like huge, globular, floating Christmas tree ornaments, and occasionally an oncoming car would come on with rainbow headlights, and it was very beautiful. Mist, light, night.
I have often noticed that people I know on Facebook, whether they be in Montana or the Philippines, in the city or in the country, in the desert or in the mountains, post pictures of the sky. From fluffy blue skies with wispy clouds, to glorious sunsets (far outnumber the glorious sunrises – most people just don’t get up that early). There is no doubt about it, the atmosphere we live in is a beautiful thing.
But there was nothing beautiful about it last night for the folks in parts of Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky (by far the hardest hit) and Illinois. The dead are still being counted, but it’s likely that more than a hundred were killed, many more left homeless, and the power was knocked out for hundreds of miles. It was a night of terror that those who lived through it will never forget.
And it was clear evidence of global climate change, it was a big voice coming out of sky and saying “Change your ways!”
These tornadoes were a bit different. I’m not saying that part of the country has never had a tornado before, but they are not famous for them like Oklahoma, Kansas (Wizard of Oz country), and Nebraska. Growing up in Iowa, I remember a lot of them, but nothing like last night.
Also, tornadoes are traditionally a summertime thing. Tornadoes in December? Totally out of line.
For now, I hope the people in the affected areas manage to rebuild quickly, and I hope they get all the assistance they desperately need.
For the long term, we need to get off fossil fuels NOW. Or there might not be a long term.

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