Over the Top Censorship

I’ve just found out that a good friend of mine, and someone whose opinion I value highly, has been permanently banned from Facebook. This is a thing that sucks.
Mike Gisondi is an extremely intelligent person and, despite the fact that he can be extremely sarcastic at times, and often deflate you positions with a well placed sharp quip, he was never one to indulge in spreading falsehoods, writing in hate speech, being racist, sexist, or any bullshit like that. Like me, he valued the power of words and his posts were always correctly spelled and logical, which in my opinion puts him in the category of top 5% or so of Facebook users, in terms of being worth reading.
His comments weren’t always political. He loves living in Georgia (the country, not the state), and often posted food pics, travel photos, interesting stuff like that.
Like me, he is a Berniecrat, and when they banned him, they also took down his site “The AfterBerner,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason. In fact, I am fairly sure the reason was political, and maybe something he said just came too close to the truth. Because he is well informed, and insightful. That is far more likely than that he actually violated their ‘community standards.’ Mike has a very highly developed sense of community standards. Managed a language school for a while. Owned a pub. Is great at throwing parties.
Anyway, I am pissed off about this, and looking about for social media alternatives. Because if they can ban somebody like Mike Gisondi, the rest of us may not be very far behind.

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  1. mikegisondi

    Thank you, Willie. That means a lot. Haven’t had a good cry in a while. I just wrote this to a mutual friend:

    “I hate to say I’ve enjoyed the freedom a bit. It feels super weird to be honest, but people have stepped up and anyone who wants to get in touch with me has somehow found a way. I’ve stayed away from other channels so as not to trade one addiction for another. I’ll try to fix it: it’s obviously a mistake, but:

    I’ve lost 14 years of my life. Everything. A little under 1800 friends: many of whom I don’t remember meeting; some of whom are dead – and [many more] others that were part of a network that allowed me to connect people. Thousands of pics and connections and memories and fun. But you can’t put all your eggs in one basket – and that was my mistake.”

    They never told me why. That’s the rub. Everything else is just more (less useful) metaverse and I don’t want to be a second-class citizen in Zuck’s dystopia. Thank you again for your support.

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