Trains v. Cars

A friend just posted a picture of a high speed train, with the sentiment that it would be great if this was the nature of the world, and someone commented to the effect that “Hey, some people just like driving, get over it,” which strikes me as wrong on several levels.
First, of course, cars are one of the major sources of pollutants in our air, and we can’t take much more of that.
But, beyond that. Do people really like driving that much? Is that why they turn into complete rageaholics if someone in front of them is driving too slow, or has forgotten to signal before a turn, or left their turn signal on for the last half hour, or if there is no parking space at the spot and at the time they want it, and probably never will be until the entire world is paved in concrete and demarcated with little white lines.
Or do they drive because it’s the only way to get from point A to point B because the car companies have killed public transportation so they could make a lot more money. Do they like driving enough to justify how much they hate making payments, and having to pay every time they fill up their car with gasoline, and having to pay for insurance. Do they love driving more than they hate being pulled over by police officers, and occasionally ticketed?
Come right down to it, the things people love doing are going to be defined, to some extent, by what people are able to do. Once upon a time, people loved and romanticized horses. Some day, if we are to believe the movies, people will love piloting interstellar runabouts.
In the meantime, we need more high speed rail lines, more bicycle paths, and more electric shuttle buses to supplement the rail system. Because everybody, absolutely everybody, loves breathing.

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