C’mon, C’mon (no, don’t)

The cinema experience is over-rated. Sure, it is a grand and celebrated tradition, gathering in a darkened room, hundreds of silent strangers, to watch a bit of magic unfold on the silver screen and eat overpriced popcorn. It has been a part of our lives since the 1920s which, for almost all of us, means all of our lives. Many a first date has happened in the cinema, and many of those led to permanent relationships, families and children. But, it’s a relic of the past.
Now that we can watch any number of films we like, in the comfort of our living rooms, with snacks of our own choosing, there is really no point in paying a ridiculous price just for an evening out. There are other things out there which we can spend our money on when we want an evening out, and all of them more inter-active.
Still, my wife suggested yesterday that we go out to the cinema. The piece she suggested was a black and white thing (a red flag for me – it’s not likely to be an action adventure or a gut busting comedy) starring Joaquin Phoenix (also not a big draw for me – he’s all right, he’s been in some good films and some bad films) but I checked Rotten Tomatoes and the film (C’mon, C’mon) got a 95% rating.
Critics are stupid. I mean, I pay attention to them, that was enough that I agreed to the outing. But, damn, 95% of them thought this was a good, even a great film?
I was bored after 10 minutes and suffered through the rest. A neurotic kid, sort of ADHD/Aspergersish, a sad uncle with no life, a father who was certifiably insane, and a mother in the middle, all get in touch with their feelings and cry and hug a lot and tell each other it’s going to be O.K. Not a one of them had a real world problem, i.e. one that wasn’t inside their own head. Nobody got shot, kidnapped, evicted, or discriminated against through the whole film.
It was apparently filmed in black and white just to add to the boredom. Really, I don’t recommend seeing this film even after it finds its way to a streaming platform, it sucked so bad.
What is wrong with the critics? Are we even watching the same films?

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