Ukraine: What Now?

Well, to all of my friends who said Putin would invade Ukraine: you were right, I was wrong. I think it’s totally a bonehead move on Putin’s part, he gains absolutely nothing from this. Even if Russia was to totally re-assert dominance over Ukraine, it would not benefit Russia economically or politically. Ukraine is far more valuable to them as a friendly trading partner than as a hostile entity which requires a permanent (and expensive) occupying force.
That’s what I said about Crimea, as well. It’s obvious that Vladimir Putin and I don’t think alike.
I wish this had been settled by talking, and not escalated to this point, but none of the belligerent parties seemed interested in that. Still, I think the U.S. should stay the hell out. U.S. history over the last few decades has been one of making bad situations much, much worse. Biden is talking about sanctions now, which I’m actually kind of relieved to hear because it may be an indicator he isn’t going to commit to an actual war with Russia. Still, sanctions (against the makers of the Nordstream pipeline) raise the question: what does this all have to do with Hunter Biden, and oil, and Burisma?
As to what action the rest of Europe should take, all I can say is that at this point in time all countries in central and western Europe, but especially countries like the Czech Republic, and Poland, and Slovakia, should be as welcoming as possible to any Ukrainians who want to get out, and as generous as possible with emergency supplies for those who remain. I mean like food and medicine. Not guns.

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