Yesterday we took a bus into Chania, which isn’t far, about 15 minutes. At first, it seemed a bit of a grotty town. We walked to the port, which was just a few blocks from the bus station, and it was tourist zone deluxe. Lots of restaurants, with people standing at the edge beckoning you in, we had ice cream, there were lots of interesting looking structures around the harbor, ancient walls and such, buskers, a man with a snake which Helena didn’t like much, a glass bottom boat tour which we decided to take tomorrow, which is now today, and so on. We did go to the Maritime Museum, which was smallish and not terribly impressive, but I learned a few things, and it was good to be in a cool place for a moment.
Then, we started looking for a place to eat. Sam said he’d seen one place that was cheaper than the other places, so we followed his lead. At one point, we took a turn off the main drag and were suddenly on a much quieter street, equally quaint and pretty but without the hordes of tourists, it’s amazing, sometimes a short step to the side and the whole world changes. But, we never found Sam’s restaurant so I took charge and we started looking for a restaurant I’d seen online, which we also never found but the place we wound up eating at was a gem. We chose it because it was filled with Greek people, and that is a good way to choose. In the Greek tradition, they didn’t bother with menus, they just took us to look at the food and choose, which we did, without even asking about cost, but it was all good, we had more than we could eat, and the price was way lower than any other place we’d seen.
Then we did some more walking around the port, but the heat was beating us down and I was exhausted and as we were leaving we walked past a very touristy restaurant and I saw a man down, sitting on the ground with a lot of very worried looking people standing around him. He was still conscious, but I’m sure it was some kind of a heat exhaustion thing and soon an ambulance came and as we walked away I was thinking, damn, that could have been me. He was probably younger than I am, by the look of it.
Anyway, I’ll keep wearing a hat and drinking plenty of water and hope for the best. Today, we’ll hit the beach in the morning, i.e. pretty soon, then back to Chania for the archeological museum and the glass bottom boat ride in the evening.


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