The trip home was long and a bit exhausting, but we are back in Prague now and I’m re-adapting to old habits quickly, and planning on a poetry reading this evening.
On the twisty, narrow, mountain road up from Elaphonisi, we faced off against a parade of traffic in the other direction, mostly cars but also the occasional tour bus, all no doubt heading down to the wildly over-rated pink sand beach. We stopped in a little town which I think was called Boulgari, or maybe Voulgari, I don’t know and couldn’t find it on Wikipedia. The idea was to just find a kitschy souvenir shop for some last minute kitschy souvenirs, but what we walked into was more of a gallery. The proprietor was a short, old Greek man with a long, gray beard who would have been right at home in Middle Earth, and the shop had old coins strewn across the ground out front and into the road, and driftwood all over the place. Almost all of the stuff, ranging from very small to quite large, lawn statue type things, was made from wood.
We had lunch in Chania, and briefly revisited the port market, and then it was time to return the car. The airport was just across the parking lot from there, but since we had to have the car back at three and our flight was at 6:30, we had quite a wait.
The first flight was to Munich, and we had to wear masks, German law. I was hoping they’d serve us a meal, which would have given us an excuse to remove the masks in flight, but all we got was a small bottle of water. Of course you could take the mask off to drink, but they were actually fairly strict about the mask thing, with the flight crew regularly telling people to put their masks back on. Our flight from Munich to Prague had a couple of delays and three gate changes, and then the same issue with the masks which led to a moment of panic as I’d lost mine but we found a spare. It was almost midnight before we got home.
It took a moment when I woke up this morning to remember where I was.


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