Shit hole

Well, the short fingered, cheeseburger in bed eating, vert stable genius in chief sure put his foot in his mouth with his “we don’t want any immigrants from shit hole countries” comment.

I think the longest lasting effect of that, however, is that now they can say shit hole on television.  It’s not as bad, for instance, as mocking a disabled reporter, or the Mexican rapists comment, or the ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ tape, any one of which would have ended a politicians career in a more civilized era.  But, we are not in a civilized era.

It’s not as if he’s going to lose followers over it.  His followers eat that shit right up.  It’s not as if they’re going to be able to impeach him over it.  It’s not technically illegal to say stupid, racist stuff and, besides, they don’t have the votes.

There is plenty of justification  for impeachment, of course.  They had enough to impeach over after the first weekend at Mar a Lago.  Using the office for personal enrichment is textbook corruption.  If the Democrats had had any balls (or were anything other than the Republican foils a lot of us think they are), the movement to impeach would have started right then.

So, just add this to the extremely long list of extremely stupid things this extremely stupid man has said, and wait until tomorrow.


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A Bit of Good News

Amid the ongoing horrors of our modern world (such  as a teacher getting arrested for speaking up at a public meeting with a very reasonable question), there have been a couple of positive news items in the last couple of days.

Dianne Feinstein, who I consider to be one of the most corrupt, arrogant, and obnoxious people in the U.S. Senate, released a dossier on Trump.  My questions are “How is it that specifically DiFi had this info” and “Why wasn’t it released until now.”  Also, it’s basically meaningless.  They had enough to impeach after the first weekend at Mar a Lago.  The reason they haven’t is because almost everybody in congress, both parites, is a shitweasel.  Still, the more info that comes out, the better.

Then, the news that North Korea is going to send a team to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.  That is great news.  The down side is that some may see this as an upside to ‘Trump Diplomacy.’  Threaten people with nuclear war, and cooler heads will prevail.  It’s backwards logic.  You thank the cooler heads, not the one making the threats.  So, weird as it seems to say it, ‘Good job, Kim Jong Un!’

Then, Darryl Issa has announce he’s bot running for re-election, and I’m not even getting into the reasons why.  Just glad we’re done with that piece of shit.


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I’ve got a touch of it.  Just a touch.  No fever, no vomiting.  Not so bad that I canceled my class today, although I probably should have.  I passed on attending an event at my kids’ school, tonight, in order to get a couple hours extra sleep and be ready to teach tomorrow.  Again, I probably should cancel, but A. I don’t want to get into the habit, that can be a slippery slope.  It’s much easier not to work than to work, and B.  It’s their first lesson of the new year, it’s actually their first lesson since about mid-October.

But, we’ll see how I feel in the morning.

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Oprah did give a rather good speech at the Golden Globes.  She said ‘persecuted’ when she meant ‘prosecuted’ but lots of people make that mistake and everybody knew what she meant.  It was a stirring speech, a rousing speech, but come right down to it  it was just a speech and all these people saying Oprah should run for president are just not being serious at all.
She didn’t really say anything new or unexpected.  She talked about how inspired she was when Sidney Poitier won his Oscar in 1964, and how she hoped some young, black girls watching would be inspired by her.  She talked a lot about the #metoo movement.  Of course.  That was the theme of the evening.  The crowd was on its feet, as you’d expect them to be.  Nobody is actually speaking up FOR sexual harassment.

But, for a presidential candidate, we want somebody who actually has political experience.  We don’t need a Democratic version of Trump.  And we want somebody who is a bona fide progressive.  Oprah seems to be a kind  person, and probably on the right side of most issues, but I suspect her of  being a Hillary supporter, and that is not at all  what we need.

Basically, the Democrats are desperate to find a woman (Oh, it must be a woman) who can stop Bernie Sanders, and it can’t be Tulsi Gabbard.  They are trying to block Gabbard as much as they tried to block Sanders.  They leave her name out of all polls of prospective candidates.  There are still people who don’t know who she is.

But, if the Democrats don’t nominate Gabbard (or Sanders himself) they will lose.  We fucked them over once, and we will  fuck them over again.

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Et tu, Discovery Channel?

I’m not too bothered if an entertainment channel wants to run reruns of old shows.  If it’s to a ridiculous level, I start bitching, but if  it’s  a show I never watched  much, then it’s something  new to me.

Music channels are also getting of showing the same stuff over and over again, but there’s a discernible cycle.  Pop, pop, pop, fade, memory, nostalgia, oldie, retro.  Something like that and  there are plenty of channels so you can often choose one according to decade.

It does irritate me especially on  Discovery Channel, though, and I caught them doing it twice in the last two days.  Yesterday they were doing a real interesting program on  the various ways that humans of the future  will be superhuman, there was some brain stuff, and some direct linking up with computers and stuff like that and then they got into the prosthetics and they brought up Oscar Pistorius  (you remember, the South African track  star with no legs, who murdered his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day), and it reminded me of the last time I’d seen the very same program.  They’d mentioned Oscar Pistoruius, and the case was much fresher then, and I thought “Whoops, they had that pre-filmed” shortly followed by, “Well, they’ll never air that program again.”  But they just  did.  Yesterday.

Then, today I was watching a very interesting program on the probability of life on other planets and they talked  about ice moons like Europa and Enceledas, and the building blocks of  life, and the Drake equation, and then they had an interview with Seth Shostak and, in the interview, Seth Shostak did not have white hair.  Now, Seth Shostak has had white  hair ever since I’ve known of  the existence of Seth Shostak.  The show was at least  15, probably 20 years old.

I expect the search for extraterrestrial life has made some strides since then.  Why don’t they show the new stuff?

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A Very Stable Genius

Somehow, to me, Trump saying “I’m a genius, I’m a very  stable genius” sounds very much like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man saying “I’m a good driver, I’m a very good driver.”  And I ‘m surprised  I’d never noticed this before, because he uses this construction a lot.

Partly because it’s in response to an inside book, with  plenty of sources, that he couldn’t stop the publication of, and which is  generally being believed  by all  who read it, and which talks a lot  about how Trump is a total moron, and semi-literate at best.

Most traditional  politicians wouldn’t have responded to such a charge at all, but to respond right  away that you’re not  only not stupid, you’re a goddamned genius, which anybody can see you are clearly not, is kind of deranged.  What indication did Donald Trump ever have in his life that he was a genius?  Did he ever get a stellar mark on an exam?  Did  any of his teachers say “That was brilliant, Donnie, I can’t believe how much  smarter you are than all the  other students.”?  Did he ever  read a  long book of  the kind intelligent people read?  I’m not  demanding Joyce or Faulkner.  I doubt he’s every read anything by Hemingway.

The assertion -not just a genius, but a very stable genius, like Nikola Tesla but a better personality – only draws attention to  the assertions in the book, that he never reads  anything, that he didn’t really want to win, that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and doesn’t really  give a shit.  And they are all very believable assertions, indeed.

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As everyone has noticed, the USA is a sharply divided country.  White against Black, Women against Men, the coasts vs. the middle, the rich vs. the poor and, of course, Democrats vs. Republicans.  The Democrats, in turn, are not united among themselves (or ourselves, depending on how  I think of myself on any given day).  I frequently see comments and posts from unreconstructed Clinton supporters, saying ‘We must unite,’ because they still haven’t learned that simply repeating something enough times, like Trump or Goebbels, does not make  it real, does not make it happen, does not convince everybody.  Their mistake is that they’re not trying to appeal to the same audience that Trump is, that Goebbels was.  They need to appeal to the progressive wing of their party, and the progressive wing of their party is made up of people  who have deeply held, well thought out positions on a number of issues.  The progressive wing of the party is made up of people  with long memories, who keep lists.  The progressive wing of the party is made up of people who are politically literate.
So, I don’t see unity in the near future.  I actually  hope I’m wrong, because I  don’t see a future in any 3rd party, either.
But, there is also disunity among the progressive wing.  Not so much between Bernie and Tulsi supporters, because Bernie supporters would vote for Tulsi in a heartbeat, and Tulsi supporters, most of them, would vote for Bernie gladly, if Tulsi decides not to run.  The split is not on the issues.  We’re almost all in  for a rise in the minimum wage, free college tuition, end private prisons, legalize marijuana, universal health care and tax the living bejeezus out of those rich fuckers program.  There’s some disagreement about whether we should be involved in the Democratic party at all, but that’s not the disunity I’m talking about.

Let’s look at California, because there are two case I know of there, where more than one ‘progressive candidate’ has jumped into a race.  Against Dianne Feinstein, we have David Hildebrand, who  announced early, and then a woman who got in  with the backing of Cenk Uygur and the young Turks, totally ignoring Hildebrand.  It makes me a bit suspicious of Cenk Uygur, and that bothers me because I want to like Cenk Uygur.  In the race to dethrone Nancy (“impeachment is off the table”) Pelosi, a rich guy named Stephen Jaffe, who announced his progressive candidacy a long time ago, is now running against Pelosi and some guy named Ryan Khojasteh.
For sure everybody has the right to throw their hat in the ring, and it’s good  that  there’s some enthusiasm, but this is not smart politics.  Where there is  more than one progressive in the race, in order  to win the primary, one  needs to drop out and endorse the other.
I think progressives on the internet, in these cases, should hold a  pre-primary primary, where we debate the pros and cons of each progressive  candidate, both  their views and  their  electability, and reach a consensus decision before the actual primary.
Otherwise,  the establishment Dems will win.

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