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Chuck Grassley is an Idiot

Charles (Chuck) Grassley has been in congress forever.  He was a known political figure in Iowa way back in 1972, when I was 18 and participating in my 1st election as a volunteer for George McGovern.  We lost badly but history has vindicated us.

Charles Grassley (R-IA)

I remember he was a bit of an old crank even then.  It’s depressing to me that he’s still around, but let me say one thing about politics in my fair home state.  Well, two things.  First, Iowa is not a particularly conservative state.  It is not totally full of rednecks, or Christian evangelicals.  It is about 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats.  It is the home of Slipknot and Bill Bryson.

Purple as it is, there is one idiosyncrasy of Iowa politics that I’d like to point out:  once somebody gets elected to an office, they’re basically elected for life, if they want it.  Governors routinely serve 4 or 5 terms.  Most Iowans are not radically conservative or radically liberal.  They just really, really don’t like rocking the boat.

Anyway, this time Grassley has gone a step too far.  He tweeted “Constituents askd why i am not outraged at PresO attack on supreme court independence. Bcause Am ppl r not stupid as this x prof of con law”

I really don’t think Grassley should be calling Obama stupid.

First, his abbreviations are moronic.  He could have easily expressed the same thought in less than 140 characters using fully spelled out words in grammatical sentences.  Just because he’s on Twitter does not mean he is required to write like a 15 year old.

Secondly, whatever you think of Obama’s positions, his intellect is unquestionable.  He’s written two books, which were actually quite good books, and he actually wrote them himself.  He is an incredible public speaker and, throughout his time in office, has proved to have a grasp of both domestic and international economic, political, social, cultural and military issues.

Thirdly, what does Grassley mean by that “x prof of con law” comment.  Obama is a former professor of constitutional law, a fully accredited lawyer, and former editor of the Harvard Law Review.  He did not suddenly lose credibility on legal issues because he is no longer employed as a college professor.  The reason he is an “x prof of con law” is because he is President of the United States, a fact which seems to have gone over Grassley’s head.

Senator, you are the one who sounds like an idiot.  You are an embarrassment to the state of Iowa.



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