Transgender Leftist Activist?

At no point did Ted Cruz ever have a reputation for honesty, so it should come as no particular surprise that he referred to Robert Dear, the crazy man who killed 3 people (and wounded many others) at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic the other day, as a “Transgender Leftist Activist.”


‘Transgender Leftist Activist’ Robert Dear

But that’s just such a brilliantly flaming pile of bullshit that it’s rather awesome, no matter who it comes from.  When you go out to see fireworks on the 4th of July, you don’t walk away  saying “I expected that.”  You say “wow.”

He managed to fit three lies into three words, all the while deflecting from the truth, which is that the shooter was incited to do what he did by insane right wing rhetoric and lies, i.e. the totally fraudulent and debunked Planned Parenthood video that said Planned Parenthood sold baby body parts.  Even the guy who made the video has admitted that it was bullshit.

Let’s take this word by word.  Transgender.  Have you seen the guys picture?  Not that this is a flattering thing to say about men, but I’ve never seen a man less likely to be mistaken for a woman.  He has enough facial hair he could be on Duck Dynasty.

Also, while it doesn’t say much in his favor that he liked looking at porn a lot and was arrested for hiding in his neighbor’s bushes, trying to catch a glimpse of her naked, those are both very heterosexual, male activities.

Lets move on to ‘leftist.’  No, Senator Cruz, this man was not a leftist.  He did not take hostages at a bank and demand they buy all the homeless people a free turkey dinner.  He did not demand that Syrian refugees be allowed into the country before he released his hostages.  And, quite obviously, he was not an advocate of gun control.  So, which leftist position does he support?

Now, #3.  Activist.  Did he have a record of signing petitions or organizing boycotts?  If so, nobody knows about it.  He’d been arrested for animal abuse, but that doesn’t make him an anti-animal rights activist, it just makes him a dick.

From the look of him, it doesn’t appear that he was even terribly active, much less an activist.

It seems that Cruz got all of this from the fact that his voter registration lists him as an independent, and a woman.

The woman part is probably just a mistake on the part of the registrar.  They looked at his signature and thought it said Roberta.  Honest mistake.  They were going to let him vote anyway.  He’s registered in North Carolina and he’s white.

It doesn’t make him transgender.  I doubt very much if the transgender community wants to claim him, either.  They aren’t even so excited about claiming Caitlyn Jenner, and she looks good.

And being registered as an Independent hardly means that somebody is a leftist, except in the fevered imagination of Ted Cruz. Most people are registered as Independents.  More than are registered as Republicans or Democrats, actually.

And activist?  Well, I don’t know where Cruz got that one.  Except maybe from the fact that he shot up a Planned Parenthood Clinic.




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The Pro-Life Killer

Of course, this is not the first time it’s happened.  Abortion has been a heated topic in American politics for years, and people have been killed at abortion  clinics before.
This is maybe the 1st time it’s been tied so directly to a political race.  To review:  there was a video, which made the claim that Planned Parenthood sold body parts of fetuses for profit.

The whole video was debunked as a fraud and a badly edited hit piece, but not before several Republican contenders for President had cited it, and praised it.

The, Robert Dear goes into a Planned Parenthood clinic, shoots a whole bunch of people and kills 3.  He says to the police “No more body parts,” as if that was actually a thing, and as if Colorado Springs had the only abortion clinic in the country, and as if they were going to stop doing whatever they were doing.

Robert Dear is probably not the smartest guy in the world.  You can actually tell that, just by looking at his picture.  Also,  by his arrested record.  Hiding in his neighbors bushes and staring at her, abuse of animals, some other weird shit.

But, he could buy a gun.

So, this shooting proves two things.  A) The Republicans should maybe shut the fuck up about abortion.  B) Maybe they should shut the fuck up about guns, too.

The weird thing is, they don’t see it that way.  Huckabee implies that it’s a left wing plot to make right-wingers look bad.  Carly Fiorina repeats the body parts bullshit.

One lady on my facebook page thinks it had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood, it’s just that Dear is a pot smoking sex pervert.

I do not know what to say.

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Movie Day

Didn’t get much done today,

but that’s O.K.,

it’s a Saturday

just hung out with the wife and kids

and I am kind of glad I didtomorrowland

Helena had to stop at a shop in Žižkov, so she suggested we walk there and then go for lunch to make a family outing of it and everybody was cool with that  except I suggested we go there by conventional means and walk back because, you know, that’s downhill.  Everybody had an opinion and we compromised by walking halfway and then taking a tram and on the way home it was raining, or snowing, kind of in-between, like a nasty melting rain, so we got on the Metro.

When we got home, we started a 1,000 piece puzzle, it might be finished tomorrow, and watched 3  films.  Well, we were all in the same room but I doubt if any of us  actually watched more than two of them.

It reinforced my opinion that the real reason people are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to watch a film in the cinema is that in the cinema everybody shuts up and watches the film.  If everybody would behave at home in the same civilized manner they behave in public, one could expand one’s film viewing experience for a fraction of the price.

We saw Monster U., which I insisted on watching in English, over the kids’ objections, because I’d never seen it before.  Cute movie.  Every college movie stereotype in the world – the stuck up frat, the nerd frat, the non-stop popularity contests, the hijinx, the expulsion, the last chance, the big contest – but with monsters.

Then we watched Monsters, Inc., but I let them watch that one in Czech, we’ve already seen it so I didn’t care so much.  I’ve just started book 3 in the Fire and Ice series, and we’d started the puzzle, so I was occupied.

Then we watched Tomorrowland, which was my suggestion.  I’d heard it was good, even though Rotten Tomatoes only had it at 52%.

It surpassed my expectations.  I don’t know what the critics were looking for.  This was the best sci-fi movie I’ve seen since Men in Black.  It had robots and rockets and alternate dimensions and jet packs and Hugh Laurie playing a villain and Keegan Peele playing a rasta villain robot, and even a bit of steam punk with the Jules Verne rocket hidden in the Eiffel Tower, the slickest piece of product placement I’ve ever seen (“Oh my God, we almost died,” said the heroine.  “There’s a coke in the fridge,” said George Clooney.  The cute, little robot girl opened it for her in classic fashion, using the counter top, and she chugged it.  They then proceeded to save the world.) and, in classic Disney fashion, an uplifting, feel good message at the end.

I totally recommend this film.

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A Good Day

Today was Black Friday in America, and since everybody’s talking about the things they are grateful for, I am grateful that I am thousands of miles away from that shit.

The mall where Helena works had a Black Friday sale and that made me laugh.  Czechs often try to emulate American culture, but they pick absolutely the worst parts – cars, fast food, NCIS….

But, there weren’t any fistfights, or people ripping stuff of the shelves.  They gave out candy, had a few specials, and people had a lovely time.

I had a very nice day.  There was a bit of confusion this morning over which one of us was to take Isabel to school because I was working on a proofreading, but about 7 a.m. I told H she had to start getting ready and she said “No, you’re taking her,” so that was that.

I had 3 lessons today and they all went well.  My first student I always meet at a coffee shop.  She’s one of the first people I met when I came to Prague and we’re still friends so she’s not actually a paid student, but she buys me breakfast.

Then, I thought I had plenty of time so came home, let Fifi out of her cage, put my phone on the charger, looked at the time and….whoa, damn, time to get moving.  Gave Fifi a bit of food and she went right back in.  Rabbits like security, a cage does not bother them.

On the way, read some in a book a friend of mine wrote.  It’s got some flaws, but it’s impressive.  He  wrote a book.  A novel.  It’s fairly entertaining and interesting, and filled with science facts, as good science fiction stories should be.

Then it was two kids’ classes, which is a great way to wrap up the week.  The first class went very smoothly, just the three girls were there and one, who I was worried about because I really thought she should be reading by this age, actually was reading a little bit, which was incredibly progress.

In the second class, (the little kids, they’re like 4) the boys just decided to go crazy and be extremely unco-operative, alternately rolling around on the floor and all grabbing my legs and trying to tackle me.  I thought this was going to totally freak out the little girl who is very shy and sometimes just bursts into tears, but she was actually calm in the middle of the noise and even answered a few questions…in a barely audible whisper, but she answered.

When I count up the score for the day, I am way ahead.

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Surely, THIS Time He’s Gone Too Far

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy with the ‘Mexican rapists’ speech I thought “Well, that’s that.  He’s done before he’s even begun.”  To  my surprise, he wasn’t.  That line resonated with a large enough segment of the Republican parthy that it actually launched him into front-runner status.

At the first debate, when he had his little dispute with Megyn Kelly, I thought “OMG.  Racist and sexist both.  That won’t play well.” But it did.

When he made the remark about Megyn probably being on her period, and started whining about how all the moderators were picking on him, I thought “Surely he’s finished now.  Some guys might think that’s funny if you’re out in a bar drinking and there are no women around, but it’s not what people want in a national leader.”  Wrong again.

Encouraging his supporters to beat people up and excusing them when they piss on the homeless (literally literally), suggesting things which are clearly unconstitutional (No, Donald, the president has no authority to close a mosque) and strongly reminiscent of Nazi Germany (the identity  badges and the Muslim database)  offended those of us on the left, and most people with any shred of a conscious, or even a memory, but they didn’t put a dent in his base.  Not at all.

So, I wasn’t  surprised that pictures of his son next to a dead tiger didn’t seem to affect his popularity.  The kind of people who  like Trump aren’t at all bothered by killing animals for sport.

BUT.  Making fun of a handicapped person is a step too far.  His supporters, while they may be horrible racists, and sexists (well, the men anyway.  The women are just morons.) and killers of animals, can’t possibly approve of making fun of a handicapped person.  That’s kicking a person when they’re down.  It’s unsportsmanlike.

If it turns out (and nothing would surprise me) that this is not the last straw, that his support remains solid, his base firm, then we need to start looking beyond Trump.  Not far beyond.

Just at the people in the crowd, cheering him on.  Because anybody who can still attend a Trump rally after that should be shunned by decent society.  Seriously.

This is not just ‘a difference of opinion.’  If you still support Trump, you are a bad person.

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Well, finally.  It’s about damned time and long overdue but I’m happy that the cop who shot 17 year old Laquan  McDonald is going to be charged with  murder.

Of course, that’s still a long way from a conviction, and an even longer way from actually serving  time, but it’s a step  in the right direction and it just may happen.

Of course, this does not bring back Tamir Rice.  It does not provide justice, or closure, to the guy who was shot while holding a toy gun in his hand, in the toy aisle at Target.  It does not provide justice for the guy who was held down and suffocated on the streets of Manhattan by police for selling loose cigarettes.  It does not provide justice for Sandra Bland, who was pulled over for a broken turn signal, arrested for resisting arrest, and murdered at the precinct house.  It does not provide justice for the hundreds of people, maybe thousands, who have been murdered stone cold dead by the police in recent years.

But, it’s a start.  At trial, perhaps they can also find out why it took a year to bring this case to trial, and why it took reporters over a year to see the video.

And maybe, just maybe, seeing one police officer go to jail will have a salubrious effect on the others.  We can only hope.

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Is Trump a Fascist?

Godwin’s Law says that, in any argument, the first person to accuse the other of being Hitler loses.  It makes sense.  It is, obviously, hyperbole.trump

Unless somebody’s set up concentration camps and killed like about 10 million people, unless somebody’s built up a military machine that could take over the whole world, unless they’ve moved their armies into a series of other countries, spreading fear and terror across the planet, then you can’t really compare them to Hitler.

Donald Trump is trying to make himself an exception to Godwin’s Law.    He will probably never be another Hitler, because the U.S. in 2015 is not the same as Germany in 1932.  It’s not as impoverished, for one thing.

But, you can’t rule it out.  He’s the leading Republican at the moment and if he gets the nomination anything can happen.

That is why his statements about making Muslims wear an identifying badge, just like Jews in Nazi Europe had to, is so frightening.  That’s why his statements about bringing back waterboarding are so frightening.  That’s why it’s so frightening when he encourages his fans to beat up people who disagree with them.

Whether or not he’s an actual Nazi, he is running as one.  That is his platform.

And he has a serious shot at winning.

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