It’s Holiday Day!

Since both Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day are celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October, they always fall on the same day of the month.  Amazing how that works out.  Of course, one is celebrated in Canada and one in the USA, so there’s no real conflict but, I suppose, if you are an American who feels guilty about celebrating a guy who raped and tortured and enslaved and murdered the American continent’s native peoples, you can always lay on a huge meal and just say you are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving.  I’m sure our good neighbors to the north won’t mind.canadian thanksgiving

I’m not saying Columbus was a great hero or anything, but I find it difficult to keep up with my fellow liberals in the outrage department.  Sure, Columbus was a nasty piece of work but so were a lot of other people of that time.  Ferdinand and Isabella, who bankrolled his trip, had roughly the same relationship with the Jews that Adolph Hitler would have, about 450 years later.  And, he gets credit for being a capable sailor and a fairly gutsy individual.  He did, in fact, boldly go where none had gone before.  And, for better or worse, American history starts with him.  (Canadian history, too, as far as that goes.  And South American history.  All of it.)

Also, it’s really not that much of a holiday.  Kids do not go door to door and get candy for Columbus Day, people do not put a tree in their living rooms, nobody  stays up until midnight drinking champagne and singing shmaltzy songs.  Some people might get a day off work, but that’s about it.  Are people complaining about getting a day off work?

Anyway, back to Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a purer Thanksgiving than American Thanksgiving because they didn’t slaughter their Indians as badly as we did ours (Canadian hands aren’t completely clean).  A big meal and expressions of gratitude are always good.

I, for one, am glad that Canada exists.  It is a reminder to the world that North Americans can be decent folk, when they are not busy trying to totally dominate the world.  And the Arrogant Worms are really funny.  We can forgive them giving the world Justin Bieber, because they also gave the world Mike Myers.

Shatner, too, but I’m not sure if that’s a point for or against.



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