It is always silly season in American politics and the chances that effective governance will take root in that world dominating nation, that modern Rome, is pretty close to nil because an effective Democracy depends on an informed, and intelligent, populace, and the USA just doesn’t have it.

We really can't live without them

We really can’t live without them

I don’t think any place on Earth really does, but some places are closer than others, and the USA is way low on that list.

It’s not just a question of being able to figure out the right and the wrong of a matter.  That’s important, but it’s still in second place.  The important thing is knowing what’s worth  arguing about.

I’m very much in favor of reasonable restrictions on gun ownership, but it doesn’t crack the top ten of issues I think matter.  It may not even be in the top 20.

I’m in favor of abortion being a decision made by a woman and her doctor, but it’s not  as important to me as the threat of a thermonuclear war.

I’m bothered by litter and graffiti and cashiers who won’t give change or  directions because it’s not their job, but I’m not going to go out in the streets and protest about it

So, how do we determine which issues are the most worth arguing about?  Two things.  a) is there a solution immediately at hand?  That is, is it something that something that something can be done about? and b) is it going to wipe out life on planet earth?

So, here’s my list.

1.  Honeybees.  If they go extinct, hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people will die while humanity converts to other forms of plant pollination.  And the solution is as simple as banning those chemicals which have been proven to kill honeybees.

2.  Homelessness.  Not exactly going to end life on Earth, but could eventually lead to REAL class warfare, and that would be pretty ugly.  Imagine armies of hundreds of thousands of people who have not bathed.  Again, the solution is obvious.  Give everybody homes.  This would also create a lot of jobs in the short term and that’s pretty important, too.

3.  Giant Meteorite striking the  Earth, killing us all deader than dinosaurs.  Maybe evolution is a giant game of Snakes and Ladders, and we’re doomed to slide back down and start over from cockroach  level.  The solution is not so immediate, but we need to get cranking on space research pronto.

4.  Global Climate Change.  Could definitely wipe out all life on Earth  by turning the air into a noxious, unbreathable cloud.  The solution is to go for solar energy and wind energy and replace stinky,  old  cars with comfortable, energy efficient public transportation.  Also, it would look cool.

5.  Stress.  Like rats in an overcrowded maze, we are living in a tighter, tenser world with every rise of 100 million or so in world  population.  It is only a matter of time until people snap and start killing each other for no rational reason.  Oh, wait, we’re already there.  Solution: legalize pot.


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