Con Fusion

They’re talking about fusion again.  If it’s for real, this is the ultimate power source.  Ships will be able to sail across the  ocean, powered by the ocean.  Coal and nuclear power plants would be replaced, electric bills would drop and the air would clear.  Tech minded types would be able to go off the grid altogether.  The middle east would lose its economic importance, and its political importance would fade soon thereafter.Mr. Fusion

If it’s for real.  Actually, I read an article on this subject a week or so ago, that an Italian inventor was claiming he’d found fusion.  (Nuclear plants today all  use fission, the splitting of the atom.  Fusion gets power to merging atoms. )  Most articles on the subject didn’t take him seriously, said he’d been yammering on about fusion and an LENR (low energy nuclear reactor) for years, and hadn’t really proved it.

Now, Lockheed Martin is talking about it, so maybe people will take it a bit more seriously.  Which is a shame.  It seems to me that the big money people, who own all the newspapers and such, too, are poo-pooing the idea when it’s an outsider has it, but once it comes from inside the tent, they’re  suddenly all for it.  Probably just flat out stole the guy’s idea, added a few shiny bits, and turned on the old spin machine.

But, they say, it will still be about ten years before it’s ready.  That makes me think the whole thing might be bullshit.  If they’ve figured out how to create fusion, then they’ve figured out how to create fusion.  They should be producing energy, like, already.  Why the foot dragging?


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