Coincidence? Yeah, Probably

It’s probably just a coincidence.  I was glancing through the news, trying to figure out something worth blogging about, and I came across the story of a UFO sighting in Mexico.  Well, I read that article, because UFO’s are a subject I like talking about, if there’s some credible new development.  But the more I read, the more I thought “This is not credible.”  An alleged photo from an unnamed souce.  UFO’s were seen hovering over a nuclear power plant in Mexico, sucking out all of the energy.  Maybe it was the extraterrestrial  version of siphoning gas.  We are not being visited by representatives of the Galactic Federation, with intent to initiate us into this grand future society, but rather by George and Jane  Jetson, lost in the backwaters of the Universe and low on rocket fuel.  Anyway, the whole thing seemed flakier and  flakier so I decided not to use it.

Meanwhile, all that’s going on on TV seems to be these horrible storage locker auction  shows.  I do not see the interest.  What’s next for Reality TV: Dumpster Diving?  The amounts involved on these shows is just not that great, nobody’s going to  get rich, nobody’s life is going to be changed.

So, I changed the channel and, boom! Aliens.  And the first case they discussed was in Mexico.

Coincidence?  Yeah, I think it probably was.

p.s.  Amazon has settled it’s deal with Hachette, which means that if you haven’t been avoiding buying my books, you just don’t wan’t to buy them with Amazon or Kindle,  you now can order up as many as you like.


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