A Picture is Worth Several Thousand Words

It may be beginning to sound as if I’m a bit obsessed with comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and that would be accurate, I am, but this isn’t precisely about that.  But, agenda driven people find their agenda everywhere.

Dr. Matt Taylor

Dr. Matt Taylor

This time it’s the feminists.  I have no disagreement with feminism, at least in the broad outline.  I believe that all people should be treated as individuals, with respect, fairness and compassion.  Professionally, I think people should be judged on their capabilities, and any  job a person wants and is capable of doing, they should get.  I think women’s boxing is a bit weird, but I’m not going to see it so I can hardly be bothered that  it exists.

But, this is a bit much.  One of the scientists who helped make the whole mission happen, Dr. Matt Taylor, was being interviewed about it on TV.  I’m sure he said lots of nice, inspiring things about space, and the quest for knowledge, and how this mission is absolutely awesome because the idea of landing a robot on a tiny little rock which is roughly shaped like 3/4ths of a peanut, 3 and a half billion miles from Earth, deep in the frigid emptiness of space is  bold, and brilliant, and incredible.

Probably something like that.  I’ve no idea what he said.  Feminists are in an uproar (well, some feminists) about the fact that he was wearing a Hawaiian style shirt with some scantily clad ladies pictured thereupon.  It was really a mild sort of shirt.  You see far more misogynistic things every day.  Slogans on T-Shirts and random things posted on facebook.

Personally, I think Dr. Taylor should have just told them all to get bent (he could pull that off – He’s British, you know) but, instead, he issued an  apology, “I’m  sorry if I’ve caused offense….” and so on.

Final Score:

Feminists 1 – Casual dress at work 0


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One response to “A Picture is Worth Several Thousand Words

  1. You couldn’t be more wrong about this issue. It is a serious problem when a prominent scientist wears something so tasteless and offensive that it leaves women at every age offended. There is already enough gender imbalance in STEM for this to be ok in any way. It was viewed by thousands if not millions of people. This is not the message we should be sending young women who may be interested in pursuing a career in the sciences… Feminists may have been at the helm of the public outrage but they only said what the majority of women would say. It was not wrong to say it and it was his decision to apologize just as much as it was hos decision to wear the shirt.

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