Pizza on my Mind

Pizza Hut has got a cool, new development.  No, they haven’t actually started making a better pizza.  They are Pizza Hut.  They don’t need to do that.  It’s like thinking McDonald’s is going to attract new customers by serving spaghetti.

Just Look At It

Just Look At It

The reason these companies are in business is because people like their food pretty well, or at least they don’t hate it too much and they are affordable.  But, when in Pizza Hut, the question of what pizza to order is certainly a problem.  Everything looks  so good.  I love salami, pepperoni, extra cheese, hot peppers, corn, onions, sea food, and almost everything, really, but some things don’t go with  other things. Pineapple on a pizza is O.K., for instance, but it only goes with  ham.

Pizza Hut’s innovation is a smart menu, with eye tracking software.  They put all of their ingredients on the screen and the computer measures what items your eyes were most attracted to and picks out the combination that is just right for you.  In 2.5 seconds.

I’m a bit skeptical about that, because your eyes might be lingering on a particular ingredient because you are thinking “ew, gross, who would put that on their pizza?” or just because you are wondering “what is that?”  However, Pizza Hut claims that it works 98% of the time.

Of course, that might mean it’s working like a Ouija Board works, or Tarot, or the  Horoscope.  Nobody wants to come right out and say, “Nope, that was a complete miss.  You totally blew it.”  Even though it’s a computer, most people will be afraid of offending it and will go ahead and eat the damned pizza.

Still, even if it’s imperfect now, it will be refined in the future.  Now, it guesses strictly based on duration of eye contact.  Future models will measure pupil dilation, heart rate, breathing, and the sweat on your fingertips.  Then you’ll get a perfect pizza, by golly.


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