Some Thoughts on Aliens

I just can’t get enough of the Alien  encounter type programs, and The  Unexplained Files, and stuff like that.  But even on those programs, which  clearly want you  to believe in the existence of aliens, which is what  you were predisposed to believe anyway because that’s why you’re watching, you know it is, most of the cases are pretty bogus, and those ‘scientists’ who argue the alien case are the ones who argue every alien case, with complete credulity.

Greetings,  Earth Peoples!

Greetings, Earth Peoples!

Still, I believe they’re out there, that is a statistical inevitability.  If they are not, it’s up to us to go out there and populate the universe, and by  that we would  prove that Pan-Galactic travel  is possible and the future aliens would all be us, so that’s pretty cool, too.  But, the idea that out of the  billions of stars out  there, there are 0 others  which have spawned life, seems very unlikely.

One argument against is simple:  If they’re out there, why haven’t they  made contact?  Why don’t they  just  get on all channels and say “People of Earth!  Yes, we’re out here.  We don’t really have much  reason to contact you, and you  seem to be an unstable, volatile, and self-destructive lot.  Get back to us in a couple thousand years  and we’ll talk.”?  Why don’t they just land in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon?  And why is it  all of the  UFO sightings seem to be since the 1950s?

Well, at the risk of sounding like Erich von Daniken, maybe there have been earlier sightings.  We have had sightings of angels  and  demons, leprechauns in Ireland, and various similar spirits and apparitions throughout the world.  Maybe the  sightings  were real, but people did not have the knowledge, imagination, or terminology  to see  them for the  aliens they were.


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