Mickey’s Big Fight

Mickey Rourke is an actor.  I don’t think he’s a particularly great actor.  Even in his prime, when he did that thing with Kim Basinger, or Sharon Stone, or one of those women who was, for a time, the hottest woman in the world, where he just kept getting progressively weirder and more controlling and  she was digging the shit out of it and I was watching, thinking ‘This is  totally unbelievable.  There’s no way he’s in her league.’

It's Like the Movies, But Live

It’s Like the Movies, But Live

But, he  had his fans, and some of them were women, so there you have it.  Hollywood success does not depend on my opinion.

Mickey Rourke is getting a bit old now.  He’s just a couple of years older than me, but I  sure  as hell  hope  I  don’t look anywhere as old as he does.  The man is 62, going on 80.  He’s washed up.  A has been.

But, he’s still an actor.  So, nobody should be surprised when he puts on a show.

He put on an exhibition boxing match in Moscow a couple of days ago, and knocked out his opponent in the 2nd round.  Unbelievable? Yeah.  He did box for a while, professionally even, as I understand it, but he wasn’t exactly Rocky.  But, he’s 62.  There aren’t any 62 year old boxers out there, and there’s a reason for that.  Most boxers who are 62 have been retired for 30 years and their brains turned to mush long ago.

His opponent was a 27 year old homeless guy.  He boxes, sure, even professionally, with a 1-9 record.  Nobody in boxing has a 1-9 record.  If you go 1-3, it’s time to give up and try a different sport, or a different profession altogether.  1-9 is just masochism.

Unless, of course, it’s the job.  I can imagine his resume.  “Will get in the ring and lose against  aging men with boxing fantasies.  Willing to work for travel expenses plus room and board.”

But there’s nothing wrong with this.  I’m sure the  crowd was happy.  They got to see a big Hollywood star, they got to see a fight, and they probably were not terribly surprised that the  whole thing was staged.

Because Mickey Rourke is, after all, an actor.


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