The Circumstances of our Birth

I’m not even recommending that you click on the link I’m providing here, unless you’re seriously into that thing, and you might be, I don’t know, but to me it seems like an over-rated line of speculation.

Of course, it’s science, and every new bit of knowledge helps us to put together the whole puzzle, so I am glad scientists are exploring that  angle, but the way it gets reported, every couple of weeks it seems, is as if it will have a huge psychological impact on  mankind to find out that there was life on Mars 100 million years ago.

It won’t.  If it happened,  it happened a hundred million years ago.  There is no current  civilization on Mars, there are no people we can talk to.  When we say we are searching for life in the universe, we do not mean some place that had it once upona  time, we aren’t talking about bacteria embedded in  comets, we are talking about  bipedal creatures with huge eyes, slick  skin and  no  genitalia.  Aliens.

There are some who theorize that  all life on Earth originated from bacteria or  something that  was comet-borne.  That is even less  relevant.   We are primates, descended from primates, but we keep other  primates in zoos.  If  we’re not even treating our nearest co-descendants as equals, imagine how much less people  are going  to care if it is proven that  life  on Earth  originated off  Earth. That was microscopic life, that life  had no  connection  with  our life, seemingly.

What’s important is that that life, this life that we are blessed with, evolved on Earth, in symbiosis with this planet.  We are earthlings.  Whatever our origin.


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