Mid-Weekend Evaluation

I always look forward to the weekend, which starts at 4 o’clock Friday after two classes with little kids, as a long period in which I’ll be able to get a lot done, particularly writing, but when reality meets fantasy, reality always wins, at least  in the present.

I always forget about my weekend classes when I calculate how much I’m going to get done on the weekend.  It’s one girl, 11 years old, a one hour class but counting travel time and a cup of tea with the parents afterwards, it’s about a 3 hour chunk out of the day.

Got home about 11:30 and did actually do a bit of writing, this damned book, so close but yet so far from finishing and my plan was to have the rough draft completed by the end of this weekend, but unless I have a miraculous burst of  words pour forth tomorrow, it ain’t gonna happen, but I will hit my secondary goal of having it done by Tuesday.

Then, we took Isabel to her birthday party at McDonald’s, Sam had taken off to the mall with some friends and was going to meet us there.  Well, it was a very nice party, I was a bit surprised at how it worked, the adults weren’t even in the room, we could see them through the glass, there was just one employee there and she entertained them very well.  I’d seen the girls before, when I pick Isabel up from school, and she talks about them all the time, but this was the first time I really got to view the  group dynamic and it was beautiful, the way they all laugh at once.

We called Sam and he had some story about how his hat had been stolen and something about keys and we thought he was just making up an excuse, because he’s done that before, but when we were on our way home we called him again and he was at the police station so now we were worried, but he was telling the truth, somebody’d snatched his hat  and run, and we went home.

I did a bit more writing, I’ve got the last chapter done (in my head, but  it’s short),  and I may just get my miracle day tomorrow.


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