Pointing Fingers

Dick Cheney and Karl Rove have both responded to the Senate Torture Report, which  proves that American soldiers acted like war criminals, and they did so with the full support of the U.S. government, by saying “Bush knew it!  Bush authorized it!”  I find that very curious.

He did it, too!

He did it, too!

Why?  I guess they’re a little bit nervous, although I’ll be really surprised if they ever have to answer for their crimes.  But, how does this exonerate them?

I guess what they’re saying is that they were just doing what the  boss told them to do, just following orders.  Slime.

No decency.  No compassion.  And no loyalty.  None whatsoever.  Somewhere in Texas, the former president pauses in his portrait of puppies, holds the brush in the air, gets a faraway look in his eyes and says “Et tu, Turdblossom.”

I think they should arrest George W. Bush.  Put him in one of those interrogation rooms, like you see on T.V., where people can look in but you can’t see out, and tell him all his friends are ratting him out and he’s going to end up like Rudolf Hess if he doesn’t start co-operating and then you bring in the good cop who tries to understand him and offers him a shot of whiskey and then we’ll find out everything, the whole lot of them can go to jail, and we can put this dark chapter of our history behind us.


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