On Time

I was just scanning the  science section in the old Huffingpaste, when I came across this  gem of a headline: Why Does Time Move Forward?  I am not going to link to the article, and I didn’t  bother reading the article, because hey, come on, really.

Time moves forward because if it moved backward then we would call that forward and, in fact, that might be the case.  You only can relate to your own environment and we are stuck in  this one, moving the way that time moves in this universe.

If there were some sort of Merlin/Benjamin Button/the  Jonathan  Winters character in Mork and Mindy effect  going  on, then it would seem perfectly natural to us and that’s  how  we’d relate to it.

But I think we can  go a step farther.  As Descartes said “I think therefore I am,” so it follows that not only can we trust our basic sense of existence as proof of  existence, so we can  trust the evidence  of our senses that the universe around us is, at least in the ways  that affect us, more or less as it seems.  Flowers bloom in the spring, the dawn precedes the day, we are small when we are born and  get a bit older every day.

So, time  is moving  forward.  Which is exactly what we demand of it.


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