Truth, Fiction and Prophesy

It was a terrible day today as far as getting things done, but it was an absolutely fantastic day for sitting around watching science fiction stuff on TV.

About 3 hours straight of alien encounters, kind of an awesome miniseries which dramatizes a hypothetical alien invasion, and the thing is, there’s a line between hypothetical and fictional, and you don’t very often see anything on TV that stands on the more real world version side of that line.howdy

The difference is, they do it half as fictional dramatization, and half as interviews with scientists and science fiction writers explaining why they think this or that is going to happen and it’s great because they ran the gamut of futuristic technologies, from bio-engineering to space exploration, and the ethics of human beings becoming something not quite human.  I thought that was all great, but they spent too much time on stuff like virtual reality and a couple of other things which they really had to stretch to connect to the plot and were clearly only there because they are kind of cool technologies.

Also, a lot of it was just an excuse to talk about technologies that could be implemented today, and having it being brought to Earth by Aliens was a bit of a maguffin.

Still, pretty good.

Also, reading a book that we got Sam for his birthday, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.”  It’s definitely a bit more adult than “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”  An amazing story of an autistic (well, Asperger’s they say, but the kids got it pretty bad) child at large in the world.


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