The Librarians

I just saw my first two episodes of “The Librarians,” and I can kind of see how it might be  considered cool, I’ll watch more, but it’s the kind of thing which is likely to jump the shark real soon.

Once you have magic, that’s it.  How did  he survive that stab wound? Magic.  The girl touched him, with the sword, and there was blue light everywhere, and he was O.K.

There’s a touch of Dr. Who about it.  The star, the rich doctor from E.R., I forget his name as an actor and character, seems to be trying to project that super confident, jaunty attitude as he travels through the dimensions or whatever he’s going to have to do to find this “library,” and talking to Bob Newhart in the mirror is a nice touch, but he seems to be trying a bit too hard.

I think the reason they set it in a library was so they could have lots of running through the stacks in emulation of the Dr., who has a scene  like that in damned near every episode.

It had a few cute girls, but mostly the  villain, and she probably won’t be back again.

So far, I give it 3 stars.  I  might get to like it more, but it might be like Haven, where eventually I have to say “Oh, come on, now they’re just making shit up.” and it won’t even make sense within its own universe.

I’m rambling.

The return to work after the holidays  is proceeding at a snail’s pace, which is cool because I’ll essentially have Monday  and Tuesday off so I’m going to work on the book.

Maybe work on some poetry, too.

Good night.


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