Places in Space

This is  an interesting article.  Some clever folks at NASA with a bit of spare time on their hands decided to  draw up travel posters for distant planets, of which we’ve now discovered over 1,000, with new discoveries coming in a few each week.

It’s great because it combines a couple of things I like.


I enjoy travel and tourism very much.  It’s a beautiful world we live in, with great cities sprinkled with spectacular buildings, and miracles of nature everywhere you look.  I have lived, for the past 16 years, in a European city that many people only dream of going to some day, a city of castles, museums, statues, and great parks.  I love watching travel shows on TV, to get a nice, safe view of places I’d still like to go.

I’m also really interested in space although, realistically, I don’t ever expect to be able to visit another planet.  Also, the exoplanets are seriously far away.  Unless someone discovers a way to become immortal, then nobody who is alive today is ever actually going to see one.

So, this is about as close as we’re  going to get.  It’s more than just entertainment, though.  This is a neat, attractive, concise and informative way to represent the little we know of these places so far.  Very educational.

I look forward to seeing more.  They should do a book.


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