Putting Myself on YouTube

It was a reasonably productive day today, from a writer’s point of view.  I spent most of it working on my book, and finished my first read through.  All of the names that need changing are changed, there are no glaring errors in continuity, and I would be more or less ready to go to press right away, but there are a couple of incidents that I was not quite clear where they belonged that I still have to peg in, but I am close, very close.

About 4 o’clock I decided to take a break from that, because it was driving me nuts, fiddling with little details.  Basically, it’s written and now it’s an editing job.  So, I said I would start again at 5:30, and asked my son to remind me.  I checked my e-mail, looked at facebook, got into a couple of arguments there which is always fun, and then remembered that tomorrow is the monthly Alchemy Poetry Reading, and I had nothing.

So, I started scrolling back through my activity log, hoping I’d written some comments in rhyme which would be worthy, and it was pretty slim pickings indeed.  But I found a couple that are not completely worthless, one I might be able to expand on a bit, and I’ll round out the set by reading an old one.

Sam reminded me at 5:30, but I said I was extending my break to 5:45.  He snickered.  Little booger knows me too well.  I never did get back to the book.  That’s a job for tomorrow, and Tuesday.

What I did then, though, is I made another video for YouTube.  This is my second one, just me reading my poems.  I don’t know.  There’s so much stuff on YouTube that’s actually good, great musical acts, dance acts, funny kid stuff, animals doing impossible or incredibly anthropomorphic things, that it’s a bit intimidating.  Who cares about poetry?

On the other hand, though, I’ve seen worse.  So, check them out.


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